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Cartridge tattoo machine pen

  • Product Name:  Cartridge tattoo machine pen
  • Price:  $65.00
  • Model NO.:  TM-5422
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  1pc/box
  • Product Details:  Cartridge tattoo machine pen

Material: Aluminum Alloy    
Weight: 128g                
Size: 150*80*45mm 
Motor :Mabuchi Motor
0- 3.5mm  (adjustable needle)    
Voltage: 6-11 volts working properly     
Working speed: 9000 rpm   
1.The appearance of the three-dimensional drawing by the drawing of aluminum alloy in one, according to the production of comfortable hand size ratio                       
2. Using space aluminum carving, polishing, beautiful colors
2.The motor adopts Japanese Mabuchi Motor to rotate 9000 and has long service life.
3.Strength is good for sustainable 4-5 hours work without fever, reducing customer pain
4.Light weight long working hands will not be sour, the choice of professional tattoo artist
6. Hand-patterned comfortable written design work feels good

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