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TIPTOP Clear Cartridge Needles- RL

  • Product Name:  TIPTOP Clear Cartridge Needles- RL
  • Price:  $10.00
  • Model NO.:  HN-014
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  20pcs/box
  • Product Details:  TIPTOP Clear Cartridge Needles- RL

HN-014 New Cartridges Needle with Membrane


Minimum Quantity: 10 box for each size 

New arrival Needle Cartridges with membrane can fit the original Cheyenne hawk grips and other brand hawk system.

The material for the membrane is silicone rubber that's providing fine buffering performance while tattooing.
Models Diameter Packing MOQ Price
1003RL 0.30MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $10.00
1005RL 0.30MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $10.00
1007RL 0.30MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $12.00
1009RL 0.30MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $12.00
1011RL 0.30MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $14.00
1014RL 0.30MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $14.00
1203RL 0.35MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $10.00
1205RL 0.35MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $10.00
1207RL 0.35MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $12.00
1209RL 0.35MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $12.00
1211RL 0.35MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $14.00
1214RL 0.35MM 20pcs/box 10 Box $14.00


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