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Protective Tattoo Film

  • Product Name:  Protective Tattoo Film
  • Price:  $15.00
  • Model NO.:  TA-116
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  1pc/pack
  • Product Details:  Protective Tattoo Film

1.Good Air Permeability,Prevent Cross Infection From Bacteria.
2.24hours To Increase Oxygen Absorption,Quickly Form A Protective Film.
3.Protect The Surface Of Tattoo,Prevent External Bacteria Enter The Tattoo Wound.
4.Lamination Method Is Simple,The Product Is 3 Layers,Scrap The First Layer And Put
Ther Second Layer On The Surface Of Skin, And Then Tear Off The Top Layer Is Ok.
5.Generally Use For 3 Days,Waterproof.

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