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Tattoo Power Supply

  • Product Name:  Tattoo Power Supply
  • Price:  $20.00
  • Model NO.:  TP-180
  • Origin:  CHINA
  • Product Details:  Tattoo Power Supply

Performance Parameters:
Input Voltage: 100-230V AC,50-60Hz
Rated Power: 23w
Maximum output:18V
Net Weight: 145g
Cubage: 90*87*32.5mm
1. Voltage adjust: Turn up clockwise,otherwise,turn down,per 0.1v+/-.
2. Foot pedal mode:working under switch(light off) or continuous (light on) modes by pressing voltage button.
3. None on/off button,power will go into sleep mode automatically after stopping 5 minutes later to reduce power consumption.All display will be closed.Any touch or turn on voltage button will back to working mode.
4. Self-protection device:cut off the power automatically under incorrect use and touch switch will back to normal operation,it will keep current stable.
Package Include:
1 x TattooPower Supply
1 x Power Plug (fit for your countries)

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