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BEZ LITTLE EGO V2 Rotary Machine

  • Product Name:  BEZ LITTLE EGO V2 Rotary Machine
  • Price:  $55.00
  • Model NO.:  TM-582A
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  1pcs/pack
  • Delivery Time:  3-5 working days
  • Supply Ability:  Enough
  • Product Details:  BEZ LITTLE EGO V2 Rotary Machine


The Ego V2 Rotary Machine
The all new and improved Little Ego rotary machine has been designed by the world famous TripleSix Studio’s tattoo artist Bez. Bez’s new design has an improved motor and a more streamlined frame offering even better grip and weight.
This new design still features a number of different "Power Triangles" allowing the user to change the density of rubber insets meaning ultra-customisation and configurability for throw and give.
The machine itself is made from scratch resistant plastic of the highest quality, keeping it light and easy to maintain and use whilst the design offers the usability characteristics much more similar to using a pen. The phono connection ensures a constant supply of power to the machine allowing consistency when applying tattoo.
It's unique Power Triangle system allows complete control of the softness and hardenss of the machine. With six different grades for both top and bottom the system to choose from you are guaranteed to be able to customise the Ego to suit your tattooing style. The different density rubber triangles simulate the conventional spring effect of a coil machine.
The EGO V2 improvements...
New Streamlined Frame
Needle Bar Stabiliser (optional extra) 
Power Triangle System
New Tube Vice Clamp
New Improved Motor
Phono Connection - EGO 1.5M Power Cable included free

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