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Rotary tattoo machine

  • Product Name:  Rotary tattoo machine
  • Price:  $80.00
  • Model NO.:  TM-5112C
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  1pc/box
  • Product Details:  Rotary tattoo machine

Product: Neo power fast motor machine, secant fog color applicable
Process: CNC Carving Material: Space Aluminum
Suitable for working voltage: 10V, self-adjusting voltage according to secant fogging frequency
Motor: Japan imported motor: 3.5mm
Net Weight: 120g Gross Weight: 200g Package: Beautifully Packed Diameter * Height: 11*6.2cm
1. The body adopts space aluminum material, which is lighter than the traditional coil tattoo machine;
2. The machine body is CNC carved processing, a kind of hardware processing method, precise size, beautiful shape and smooth;
3. Built-in Japanese imported motor, suitable for working voltage 8-12 volts, can drive one needle and large row of needles;
4 with independent RCA hook line interface
5. Sustainable work 4-5 hours without hot;
6. Low noise, dispel the guests' panic caused by the sound and give the guests a quiet tattoo environment;
7. The body adopts advanced anodizing appearance, it is not easy to scratch and does not fade away paint;
8. Stitch anti-shake design of the card slider (without rubber bands), which greatly reduces the jitter rate compared with the shrapnel motor;
9.3.5mm standard needle stroke, stable frequency, long needle length;
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