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Magnum Tattoo Needles- M1 Series

  • Product Name:  Magnum Tattoo Needles- M1 Series
  • Price:  $3.00
  • Model NO.:  M1
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  50pcs/box
  • Product Details:  Magnum Tattoo Needles- M1 Series

Standard Magnum Tattoo Needles- M1

Magnum Tattoo Needles have a 2-2.5mm Medium taper 


Size Diameter Packing Price
1205M1 0.35mm 50pcs/box $3.00
1207M1 0.35mm 50pcs/box $4.50
1209M1 0.35mm 50pcs/box $4.50
1211M1 0.35mm 50pcs/box $6.00
1213M1 0.35mm 50pcs/box $6.00
1215M1 0.35mm 50pcs/box $6.00
1217M1 0.35mm 50pcs/box $7.50
1219M1 0.35mm 50pcs/box $7.50
1221M1 0.35mm 30pcs/box $7.50
1223M1 0.35mm 30pcs/box $7.50
1225M1 0.35mm 30pcs/box $7.50
1229M1 0.35mm 30pcs/box $9.00
1235M1 0.35mm 30pcs/box $10.5
1239M1 0.35mm 30pcs/box $10.5
1243M1 0.35mm 30pcs/box $11.5
1249M1 0.35mm 30pcs/box $11.5

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