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New Copper power supply

  • Product Name:  New Copper power supply
  • Price:  $130.00
  • Model NO.:  TP-185
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  1pc/box
  • Product Details:  New Copper power supply

Body Material: Copper
Bottom Design: Bottom have rubber, increase friction
MP: Power 3.5A
Work Volt: 5V for normal tattoo
1 Exquisite appearance of pure copper, gear design,thick sense of strong, it's a artware
2. Strong 3.5A power, normal you can work with 8 volt machine 5 volts can work
The basic domestic power is not such a big power
3. Quality warranty 2 years, 2 years have any questions, free repair
4. With C button, click to open - you can switch automatic manual by one open
5. LCD dual display, the power and frequency of the machine running, rotating power supply to 0.1 digital
display, rotating with sound
6. bottom anti-slip film - power supply weight enough weight do not have to worry about the move

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